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Welcome to 'Unique You'

Meditation & Emotional Well-Being Centre.

YOU are a unique person

YOU are on a unique journey

YOU are enough

Just the way you are.


Unique You' Emotional Well-Being & Meditation Classes offers various meditation practices and therapies for people looking to improve their emotional well-being.


My parents & Child class is a chance to spend some quality down time with your child enjoying all the benefits of meditation and connection this class can bring.


I'm a busy mum and my motivation to run this class is i feel taking the time out to connect with my child on this level will be invaluable.


These classes are fully inclusive and it is understood that not everyone experiences our would the same. And not everyone shows up in our world the same. Kindness and understanding will be shown at all times.


My adult classes are open to all however I feel drawn to make a space for women suffering with menopause or peri menopausal symptoms. This time in many women's lives can bring up many challenges.


I feel some time out for yourself in a compassionate safe space is much needed. The benefits of having regular meditation sessions, you will over time, find things easier to deal with and feel more calm & relaxed while still being focused and able to meet the demands of your everyday life


Hope to see you soon love Ashley 



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